More than the House, Ideas and Building Projects

The architects and designers of our Cramerotti Technical Studio have specific and consolidated skills in both civil and industrial design.

In every building project, we follow you from the structural design, to the architectural design, up to the plant design.

The activities that the Technical Studio puts at your disposal are:

  • Residential buildings – both singles and not;
  • Condos;
  • Artisan buildings;
  • Commercial buildings.

Areas of Application

  • New buildings;
  • Restructuring;
  • Extensions;
  • Internal and external modifications;
  • Extraordinary maintenance;
  • Routine maintenance.

Reliable, from Surveys
to Technical Assistance

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Our work involves a pre-phase on-site inspection for the drafting of the appropriate surveys.

This is followed by the drafting of drawings and final project tables, up to the technical assistance for the bureaucratic documentation and the obtaining of all the necessary authorizations for the realization of the project at the relevant Authorities and Offices.