Beyond the House, Ideas and Building Projects

Would you like to design the layout of a new store? Add a touch of design and customization to a started business? Or are you looking for the complete or partial renovation of an industrial warehouse?

We can support you in every project and in every phase: from the idea to the design, up to the building phase. We also take care of renovating apartments, we specialise in the renovation of commercial premises in a wide variety of sectors: offices, doctors’ offices, bars, restaurants, shops and industrial buildings

All the Warranties, from the Project to the Execution

We take care of all the phases necessary for the renovation of commercial premises: from masonry work to the construction of electrical, thermal plumbing and air conditioning systems.

We also follow you in all the procedures required to start a new business, such as the declaration of conformity of the systems, static surveys, floor plans, start of activity report, etc..

Available at every stage of the Restructuring of Shops and Industrial Sheds

  • Masonry;
  • Design and construction of electrical, thermo-hydraulic and air conditioning systems;
  • Practices necessary for the start of a new activity, such as declaration of conformity of the installations, static surveys, plans, start of activity report, etc.

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