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Although you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in the field, when you decide to renovate an apartment and you rely on a specialized company, it is essential to be aware of the processes, phases and costs. This way, you will be able to verify the correct progress of the project, if it is carried out in accordance with contractual agreements and you can intervene if necessary.

In this guide we will provide you with a series of useful information and advice not only to acquire an adequate level of preparation to deal with your project with peace of mind but also to assess the convenience of the quote that will be proposed to you.

Complete Apartment Renovation
Define the interventions

This is one of the most important steps that you will have to go through before requesting a quote for an apartment renovation. This is the moment in which you will have to establish what to change and also their feasibility in economic terms and then, with the support of the professional, the technical and legal feasibility.

The main elements to consider in an analysis for your project concern the evaluation of the current state of the areas involved. In order to reduce costs of the renovation in addition to the masonry work, it is essential to also evaluate the physical condition and functioning of windows, doors and other elements to establish the possibility of maintaining or recovering some of them.

If the renovation of an apartment involves the demolition or modification of walls, it is essential to know their structure, especially if they are supporting walls. In addition, to limit the risk of damage, it would be useful to know the location of utility lines such as water, electricity, gas and telephone.

This type of information should already be in your possession as it is essential for any intervention, whether it is a complete renovation of an apartment or a simple maintenance operation.

The above is even more important when the renovation includes bathrooms and kitchens, as knowing the layout of the water supply and drainage pipes in these rooms can mean reducing the amount of the estimated renovation by speeding up the execution of the work.

Once the feasibility of the interventions has been verified, it’s time to start assessing the economic aspect of your Complete Apartment Renovation project. Of course, this is an approximate estimate that may or may not be confirmed later by the company you choose to carry out the renovation work for your apartment.

However, consider that the best companies offer a specific online service “Quote for Apartment Renovation” that allows you to know and compare costs. It’s possible to ask for a total or limited renovation quote for some rooms such as:

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Removal of wallpaper, doors, windows, furniture
  • Demolition of partition, floor, screed
  • Reconstruction of Masonry (Partitioning, Counterframes, Screed, etc. …)
  • Door opening on load-bearing wall
  • Gas system, boiler, water meter, etc.
  • Electrical installations
  • Thermal systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Plasterboard
  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Ascent/Descent of materials to the work site

If you are planning a complete renovation of the apartment keep in mind that renovating the bathroom will be one of the investments that most affect your budget.

In fact, renovating a bathroom within your project requires a careful choice of materials both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. In order to obtain an effective design of the available spaces, the Apartment Renovation service will have to provide the expert choice of sanitary installations, furniture and spaces.

Elegance, quality and convenience should be your goals in an apartment renovation, to achieve them make sure you use a service managed by an expert professional able to offer you valid suggestions on how to save money, without losing style.

The redesign of a bathroom should develop in accordance with the most modern furnishing trends that, in addition to the development of a design that ensures comfort, do not neglect the harmonious integration of the various components of your home.

When renovating an apartment it is essential to pay maximum attention to what are the practical and functional aspects of the bathroom, from the installation of flooring and wall coverings to the search for the best position of the individual bathroom fixtures, while still paying attention to the budget.

Experience gained over the years and proven processes are two identifying characteristics that you should look for in service providers for the Renovation of an Apartment.

The second area that has the greatest influence on a renovation budget is the kitchen. If you are planning a complete “Apartment Renovation”, a renovation of the kitchen alone with the creation of suitable spaces to live comfortably in this area, or a project to create a complete and efficient kitchen corner from another room, you should contact companies that are able to design a suitable renovation with the support of architects and interior designers.

In the development phase, the design and renovation of the kitchen entrusted to these professional figures will be developed realizing your ideas, assisting you in the choice of quality materials optimizing the available space.

In the complete renovation of an apartment the “turnkey” service is an option that you should consider, especially for this important area of the house. So if you want to enjoy the pleasures offered by a new and functional kitchen in line with your needs, ask for a quote including this room.

Deciding the deadline is another very important step and it is even more important for the kitchen, which is one of the key points of a house.

The complete renovation with regard to the renovation of the kitchen should include the following interventions:

  • Demolition of the old flooring
  • Demolition of old coatings
  • Removal of old hydraulic hose lines
  • Installation of the new hydraulic system (water inlet and outlet)
  • New flooring and new wall covering
  • Updating the electrical system
  • Final painting

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It is well known that effective thermal insulation of the house improves the quality of life. In our guide “Complete Apartment Renovation”, a thermal insulation realized with professional technological and constructive solutions offers two advantages:

during winter it reduces heat loss to the outside and in summer it hinders the entry of heat into the house. In addition, it significantly reduces the costs of bills.

In order to identify the most effective technical solutions, the renovation contractor must be able to carry out an energy diagnosis of the apartment. If you are thinking about renovating your home, it is a good idea to include this type of intervention.

In the program Apartment Renovation, protecting and insulating the external parts of your home has the priority if you want to preserve it from water infiltration. Today there are an infinite number of materials to waterproof areas exposed to the greatest risk of water infiltration.

The roof and foundations are the vulnerable places, the first because it is constantly exposed to rain and snow, the second because it is subject to the effects of rising water by capillarity. The relative impact on the amount of the renovation budget should prompt you to consider the implementation of these projects.

The “quality of life” depends on many factors and living in a clean environment is certainly among the most important and popular of those. After all, the era in which we live will be also remembered for the high amount of waste produced, which is going to overwhelm us if we cannot keep it under control.

The complete renovation could also be an opportunity to think about a drainage and disinfection of the sewerage system. The best construction companies specialized in Apartment Renovation are also qualified to carry out this type of intervention. The use of specialized workers in the sector and the use of sophisticated technologies allow to intervene in a timely and efficient way for the needs of any entity.

If you need to expand your living spaces by transforming the attic into a charming loft, now is the time to realize your project.

In addition to the advantage of making use of previously unused rooms, you will also be able to increase the value of your property.

A fireplace perfectly integrated into the style of your home is not only a natural source of heat but a magical furnishing element that can be realized during a renovation. Whether you decide to create a fireplace for cooking or a clean and modern fireplace that is the focal point of your living room, the final details are fundamental in the design phase.

Only the best construction companies can build your custom-made fireplace by including it in the Apartment Renovation. By designing it on the PC with 3D software the company is able to fully satisfy your requests both from an aesthetic-qualitative and economic point of view.

As for all renovation works, the realization and installation of the fireplaces are completed in compliance with the new regulations in effect. Among the different types of fireplaces to consider we would like to highlight: classic fireplaces, ventilated fireplaces, closed fireplaces, closed ventilated fireplaces, thermo fireplaces, prefabricated fireplaces.

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In most of the complete renovation of the apartment, windows and doors are also replaced. If you have decided to do this you should consider many variables that will allow you to make the best choice. To enhance your home and improve the quality of life of your family by investing in the renovation of your apartment, consider the following aspects:

  • possibility of using an ecobonus
  • laying cost
  • cost for models that match the room
  • cost of any sunscreen
  • cost for special glass with a high degree of impact resistance and sound insulation

The construction company that will renovate your apartment must have the skills and experience to help you choose the most appropriate fixtures according to your wishes, the size of the rooms and the style of your furniture. For this reason it must work closely with selected suppliers that are able to offer an accurate choice of windows and doors in aluminum, PVC, wood and other materials. The impact on the renovation costs depends on the type of material chosen. There are mainly three types of windows and doors used during the renovation process: doors, windows and grilles.

The usefulness of the air conditioning system in a house is recognized by everyone, and for this reason the devices must always be maintained efficient. Over the years, the natural degradation of the components leads to failures and malfunctions to the point of opting for their replacement, often during a renovation of the apartment.

In this sector, modern technology has introduced several solutions that can be implemented during the renovation. You can choose the one that best meets your needs and your budget, remembering that the most technologically advanced solutions have the greatest impact on the budget of Apartment Renovation.

The systems for air conditioning and hot water that you can choose from are:


  • heat production with wall-mounted or basement boiler
  • Coated copper tubing or coated multilayer tubing
  • chimney for single or collective smoke evacuation
  • air-conditioning system with radiator, fan-coil or radiant panel
  • ducting for ventilation, distribution and air exchange
  • sanitary water system to distribute cold and hot water in the house
  • water and sewerage columns
  • water filtration and purification plants
  • solar panel systems for the production of hot water
  • electrical systems and photovoltaic systems
  • geothermal heat pump systems

Any type of apartment renovation cannot be completed without painting.

Whether it is for the walls, a sophisticated creative decoration rather than a column or a plasterboard with well-designed volumes, the interventions carried out by professionals during the renovation always manage to give a touch of personality to the rooms.

The construction companies established in the renovation of apartments execute all painting works with the highest level of professionalism, dynamism and creativity.

In order to ensure that the work is carried out correctly, in accordance with the regulations and within the agreed time frame, make sure that the person in charge of the company provides the necessary technical assistance to the management.

In particular, during your project of Apartment Renovation, you will have to: ensure constant control of the progress of the project and the conformity to the project, verify compliance with the regulations, check the correct technical execution and make sure that the schedule is respected.

If you are thinking of making a complete renovation for your apartment and then put it on the market and sell it, you are definitely following the right path. If you have an old house that has never been renovated, you would hardly be able to sell it. Otherwise, by offering a freshly renovated house you will be able to impress the possible buyer who will immediately fall in love with it.

Rely on a construction company in Rome that will not only take care of the complete renovation but will also provide you with technical and bureaucratic support for the sale of the property using experienced professionals.

Website, social media presence, reviews

A good presence on internet through a website and the use of social media for marketing identifies the most active companies and those who are looking to expand in the field of Apartment Renovation. The possibility for customers to interact with the company and with other customers allows to know both the services offered and the opinions and feedback of those who have already used the service.

Quote for apartment renovation

The best companies publish reviews of their customers freely and also offer you, through their website, the possibility to receive a quote for apartment renovation in a few minutes directly in your e-mail. This will allow you to save time and money by choosing the solution with the most advantageous value for money.

You can also determine if it is economically possible for you to perform all the interventions for the complete renovation or give up some of them. In this case, you can try to reduce the amount of the quote with the support of professionals.