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Are you thinking about changing the aspect of your bathroom?

The renovation of bathrooms requires careful planning in the choice of sanitary fittings, furnishings and spaces that must be carefully planned.

Thanks to our experience and proven processes, we offer an excellent quality/price ratio for bathroom renovation services.

We design Harmony together

We pay particular attention to the practical and functional aspects of the bathroom, such as the study of the positioning of each single component and the correct installation of floor and wall coverings.

We work in harmony with the architecture and design of your home, following the most modern or preferred furnishing trends.

Do you want To Benefit From Our Offers?

We assist you in choosing the bathroom that you like the most, in this way we can follow you from design to construction.

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Here is what our bathroom renovation offer includes

  • Removal of old sanitary ware;
  • Demolition of floor and screed;
  • Demolition of the cladding;
  • Removal of old pipes;
  • Laying of the new water system (both loaded and unloaded);
  • Adaptation of electrical system (up to 5 Light Points);
  • Laying the new screed (sand and cement);
  • Laying the new floor;
  • Laying the new coating;
  • Laying of new sanitary ware;
  • Final painting.

Request an offer for your bathroom renovation now!

The renovation of your bathroom is performed according to an agreed schedule. The “turnkey” service will allow you to enjoy immediately a new and functional bathroom in line with your needs.