Protect and Insulate Over Time

Waterproofing and insulating is a priority if you want to avoid water infiltration inside a structure, reduce heat loss to the outside (during the cold season) or, vice versa, prevent heat flow into the building (during the hot season).

Carrying out such interventions correctly is the first step to achieve long-lasting efficiency.

When is waterproofing necessary?

We use waterproofing where there is a higher risk of water infiltration, such as the roof, which is constantly exposed to rain and snow, and the foundations, in order to prevent water from rising by capillarity.

When should you insulate?

Insulation is the ideal solution when you need to create acoustic, thermal or thermo-acoustic insulation. We place, between the two parts, specific materials that prevent heat exchange, in the case of thermal insulation, or vibration transfer, in the case of acoustic insulation.

This technique is very important in many industrial processes, for technical reasons, but also in the domestic environment, especially for the new and increasingly necessary criteria of energy efficiency of a house.

This certification was established by the European Directive 2002/91/EC.

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