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Do you have to build or renovate a building by installing a scaffold?

Or are you looking for a self-supporting scaffolding for specific work, such as the creation of stands, staircases, advertising posters, etc.?

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Buildings Construction, Renovation, And Not Only That

Scaffolds are usually built for the construction or renovation of buildings. In this case they are regarded as collective protective devices against falls from heights.

When, on the other hand, they are used as self-supporting structures for the creation of stands, staircases, advertising posters or other structures, they are fitted with ballast or foundation at the base.

Steel scaffolding can belong to one of the following three systems, provided for by current Italian regulations:

  • pipe and joint system, better known as innocent tube scaffolding, very versatile and suitable for any type of use, but harder to assemble
  • prefabricated frame system designed for use on linear building facades
  • prefabricated mullion and transom system (multidirectional or multi-storey), quite flexible and generally suitable for the construction of three-dimensional structures

Consult the documentation related to information on construction sites, both from the client and from the company.