From Attic to Delightful Loft

Have you thought about it?

Transforming old attics or attics in disuse to add a room to a house, can be a great opportunity if you need to increase your living space.

The recovery of an attic can, in fact, have several advantages as it allows you to take advantage of previously unused rooms and, in many cases, increase the value of your property at low cost.

From Storage Room to Living Space: This is how we Work!

After verifying that your attic has all the requirements to be habitable, we design the new architecture of the spaces and carry out all the building works to transform a former storage room into a delightful attic.

The regional regulations on the renovation of existing attics for residential use also represent a great architectural and social opportunity. They were born with a precise environmental purpose: to reduce the expansion of cities and the consequent continuous exploitation of existing territorial resources that are not inexhaustible.

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