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The Cramerotti company has carried out the restructuring work in my apartment. Thanks to them I had the peace of mind of knowing the works was managed by excellent professionals, always available to handle any kind of situation in the construction site and in relations with the condominium during the process. A special thanks also goes to the owner, Mr. Alessio, who has always been atm y disposal to try to meet my needs, always providing me with the best solutions. The project was completed in a very short time and perfectly, and after its completion the company remained at my disposal for all the small adjustments typical of post-restructuring. I would rely on this company a thousand other times, and I would highly recommend it to all those who are about to embark on the adventure of the house renovations.

A serious and competent company, an artisan family of high moral and professionalism, talis pater talis filius. The project was completed with high precision and even if there were some small problems, they immediately solved them. Above all, however, I was pleased by the sympathy and availability of Alessio, a great worker and, I’m sure, also a good musician. After several projects carried out by troublesome firms, to say the least, this was a perfect work, with punctuality and availability.

The company CRAMEROTTI has performed the restoration and conservative restoration of my attic with punctuality and professionalism. I had a great time and immediately had the impression that I was talking to professionals who were ready to propose all the appropriate technical solutions, to give their technical opinion or maybe even a simple advice. Very punctual in the execution, organized and alway avaiable, they have proved to be passionate about their profession by providing a competitive “product” with the use of excellent materials and a price that I deemed honest!

The Cramerotti company has carried out the complete renovation of my apartment showing seriousness, competence and punctuality by following the schedule. It uses professional and competent workers; everything is supervised by the kind and always available Alessio. They have also shown a special attention towards the safety and cleanliness of the construction site and the condominium spaces at the end of the day. Very well prepared and quick to provide the technical documentation necessary for the paperwork to be compiled.

The renovation has involved facilities and structure, the work has been carried out with professionalism and punctuality despite the sudden changes to the project. The company has provided tips and improvements that we have gladly implemented. The availability shown before, during and even at the end of the work to make small adjustments is worth emphasizing. I would surely recommend them!

The work was carried out with precision and with maximum availability by the company, even in fixing some things when the work was completed. The workers were punctual, they always left the site in order, respecting the safety regulations and not creating problems in the building. I would certainly recommend them and I will certainly contact them again if I need them in the future. Sincerely.

A few months ago, I bought an apartment and I was aware that I would have had to completely renovate it. When I started to venture into the world of companies that were not willing to renovate the property, I discovered, unfortunately, an incredible reality, both in terms of costs and in lack of professionalism. With Cramerotti Costruzioni & Ristrutturazioni I have solved all the problems: great professionalism, scrupulousness (from the general to the particular), seriousness, extraordinary technical expertise, availability and above all they are very good consultants who make use of local specialized technicians very well prepared. Alessio Cramerotti is certainly the creator of all of this, but directed and wisely guided by his father Romano, master builder of great importance. If in the future I need to renovate another property I wouldn’t choose anyone but them. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!