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We renovate apartments in Rome and Aprilia with the best quality taking into consideration your desired budget and time
Our company’s specialization is apartment renovation “turnkey”. We are always available to provide information clearly and quite fast through our free cost calculation online.

We pay our particular attention to every project and guarantee our presence at every stage of our work.
During the whole duration of the renovation process the head of the company Alessio Cramerotti will be always available for you to clarify the stages of our work and all document procedures connected with tax deductions in Italy and conformity certifications of newly-built installations.

Apartment renovation

Our services with Apartment renovation “turnkey” that we offer in Rome and Aprilia through just one interlocutor guarantee you:

  • controlled management by specialized personnel that is capable to administrate the entire process of work at very low costs
  • Exclusion of the risk that you might not succeed in coordination of all professionals and as a result it might lead to the protraction of deadline


Home Renovation Bonus (Tax Return)

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Technical-Professional Requirements

Cramerotti Ltd. provides the customer with a list of technical-professional requirements related to Legislative Decree 81/2008.

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What they say about us

  • Maria L.

    The Cramerotti company has carried out the renovation works in my apartment. Thanks to them I understood what it means trust, to know the jobs, finished turn-key, of excellent professionals, as well as always available to handle any situation in the building site and in the relationships with the builders during the works. A special thanks also goes to the owner, Mr. Alessio, who was all the time at my disposal to try to satisfy my needs, always providing me with the best solutions. The works were carried out in a very short time and in a way of an art, and after their conclusion the company was still at my disposal for all the small adjustments typical of the after renovation time. I would entrust myself to this company another thousand times, and I warmly recommend it to all those who are about to start the adventure of works at home.

  • Roberto F.

    A serious and competent company, an artisan family of high moral and professional standing, talis pater talis filius. Work carried out with great precision and even in the case of some minor problems, finished very quickly. Above all, however, the sympathy and availability of Alessio, as a great worker and, also a good musician, must be mentioned about. After several jobs carried out by problematic companies to say the least, finally works performed as a work of art, with punctuality and great availability.

  • Michele R.

    The company CRAMEROTTI has carried out the restoration and renovation work of my attic with punctuality and professionalism. I had a great time and immediately I had the impression of talking to professionals ready to present all the appropriate technical solutions, to give their technical opinion or even just a simple advice. Punctual in the execution, organized and always available, they proved to be passionate about their profession by providing a competitive "product" with the use of excellent materials and ... especially at a price that I considered honest !!

  • Marco V.

    The company Cramerotti has carried out the complete renovation of my apartment demonstrating seriousness, competence and punctuality in the respect of what has been agreed. It uses professional and competent labor, everything is supervised by the very kind and always available Alessio. They also took care of the safety and cleanliness of the building site and the condominium spaces at the end of the day. Very prepared and quick to make the technical documentation, necessary to be written, always available.

  • Barbara

    The renovation involved facilities and structure, the works were carried out professionally and punctually despite the changes in the project in progress. The company has provided suggestions and improvements that we have willingly implemented and they were done. I want to underline the availability of the staff before, during and also after the end of the works to make small adjustments. certainly a company I would recommend /p>

  • Simona M.

    The works were carried out with precision and with maximum availability by the company, even in the arrangement of some things when the works were completed. The workers were punctual, they always left the building site in order, respecting the safety regulations and not creating problems in the condominium. Surely I would recommend this company and for sure I will address them if I need them in the future. Best regards.

  • Gaetano T.

    A few months ago I bought an apartment and I was aware that I would have to completely restructure it with doing nothing special. When I started to dive into the world of companies willing to renovate the property, I discovered, in spite of myself, an incredible reality, both in terms of costs and professionalism. With Cramerotti Construction & Renovation I have solved any kinds of problems: great professionalism, scrupulousness (from general to particular), seriousness, extraordinary technical competence, availability and above all they are very trustworthy consultants who take advantage of very well prepared local specialized technicians. Alessio Cramerotti is certainly the architect of all this, but guided and by his father Romano who is a great construction master. If in the future it would happen to me to renovate another property, I would choose only them. Talented !!!!!!!!!!!!!!